At Hajtaleb Clinic we offer a wide range of different therapies, which are delivered by our registered highly, trained   and experienced practitioners. All our patients can expect the highest quality of treatment from our therapists who all have many years experience. Below is a list of the therapies currently offered at our Clinic:


Herbal Therapy

Iran is among the most geographically diverse countries in the world. This ancient nation can be divided into 12 separate geographic environments and boasts 5 major climates. No wonder Iran is so diverse when it comes to the natural herbal remedies it produces.

This astounding diversity in Iran’s geography allows Iran to host more than 7500 species of plants–around 1800 of which are used in medicine. Many of Iran’s most precious herbal treasures are plants found nowhere else in the world. According to The World Health Organization there are currently 30 companies producing natural herbal remedies in Iran. The government of Iran requires all herbal remedies to be manufactured to the same quality standards as pharmaceutical drugs.

The main different of our herbal therapy to others is the consideration of temperament of herbs which is considered while applying. According to Iranian traditional medicine each herb has its own temperament that should be based on the patient temperament while applying, to get an effective and accurate results, otherwise the herb cause non effective results or in some cases may be harmful.


Warm and Dry

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Cold and Wet

Cold and Dry

For example in Iranian traditional medicine lettuce is cold and wet, therefore people who are warm and dry should use it more to keep the health balance. This method of therapy is applied in Iranian traditional medicine more than 2000 years which keeps health and mind balanced.
Truly, Iran is an herbal gift to all of mankind. Who knows what potential healing plants are yet to be discovered in this ancient land so full of history.In addition to its medicinal herbs, Iran is also a country rich in culinary herbs like basil, saffronbarberry,  thyme and lemon balm. Of course, many of Iran’s culinary herbs were used for medicinal purposes, too. Basil and thyme both have long histories as digestive aids and lemon balm is widely believed to be a safe herbal sedative.



Cupping involves placing glass, bamboo or plastic jars on the skin and creating a vacuum by suctioning out the air. The underlying tissue is raised, or sucked, partway into the cup. there are two types of cupping: dry cupping and bleeding and/or wet cupping (controlled bleeding), with wet cupping being more common.  wet cupping provides a more “curative-treatment approach” to patient management whereas dry cupping appeals more to a “therapeutic and relaxation approach”. Preference varies with practitioners and cultures.

Cupping provides relief for many health conditions.

Cupping has numerous benefits — it can help remove toxins from the body and stimulate the flow of fresh blood, lymph, and Qi to the affected area and throughout the body. It often works wonders for patients with the flu, colds, coughs, back and muscle pain, poor circulation, anxiety, red itchy skin conditions (though cups are not applied to inflamed areas), allergies, fevers, aches and myriad other pains.



Massage has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, if you need or want a massage, you can choose from among 80 styles of massage therapies  with a wide variety of pressures, movements, and techniques. These all involve pressing, rubbing, or manipulating muscles and other soft tissues with hands and fingers. Sometimes, even forearms, elbows, or feet are used.

Centuries ago and before the spread of sport massage, the great Iranian physician Avicenna in his famous book “The Canon of Medicine” had some suggestions for people involved in sports. A comparison of Avicenna’s view on massage in the book “The Canon of Medicine” and the new western sources shows the effects of Avicenna on modern western viewpoints. It is worth mentioning that the “The Canon of Medicine” is still being taught in renowned universities around the world. In this study, a comparison is made between Avicenna’s view points on the function of massage and those found in the new discipline of sports massage.

We offer different style of massage therapy in our clinic such as:

Dalk and Ghamz massage

Iranian massage therapy which is called Dalk and Ghamz is consider as medical, diagnostic and remedial treatment which the most important effect is to clean body from toxins, it is popular in Iran since 2000 years ago.

Neuromuscular Therapy Massage

Neuromuscular therapy is a form of soft tissue manipulation that aims to treat underlying causes of cheronic involving the muscular and nervous systems. This medically-oriented form of massage addresses trigger points (tender muscles points), circulation, nerve compression, postural issues, and biomechanical problems that can be caused by repetitive movement injuries.

Sports Massage

Developed to help with muscle systems used for a particular sport, sports massage uses a variety of approaches to help athletes in training — before, during, or after sports events. You might use it to promote flexibility and help prevent injuries. Or, it may help muscle strains, aiding healing after injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is best for giving attention to certain painful, stiff “trouble spots” in your body. The massage therapist uses slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers of muscles, tendons, or other tissues deep under your skin. Though less rhythmic than other types of massage, deep tissue massage can be quite therapeutic — relieving chronic patterns of tension and helping with muscle injuries, such as back sprain.


leech TherapyHIrudotherapy

In Iran Traditional medicine each nature, medicine and also any disease has its own temperament, therefore all stages of treatment must be based on temperament reform first. In Iranian traditional medicine leech is a valuable medicine and has temperament which should be used in consideration of the patient’s temperament.

What is emphasize in Iranian leech therapy is that first the patients should receive temperament correction and after that leech therapy will apply for more effective and accurate results. For example when a patients has a corrupt temperament we never use leech therapy due to in this situation leech therapy may lead to accumulation of corrupt temperament with pain and no effective results of treatment.

Therefore Iranian leech therapy has pre correction and post correction along with treatment which is emphasized for getting effective and accurate results.

What should be consider is that in some diseases leech therapy is a main treatment  and some other diseases is a complementary therapy, we have treated many incurable diseases with effective result and no side effects through our leech therapy methods. Each year we have more than thousands patients for leech therapy from across the country and also other countries who are satisfied with the results. Our motto is to give our clients and patients warranty of effective treatment and satisfaction.