Our Effective Leech Therapy

Our Leech Therapy ( Effective Leech Therapy)

Benefits of leech therapy


Hematophagous animals including leeches have been known to possess biologically active compounds in their secretions, especially in their saliva. The blood-sucking annelids, leeches have been used for therapeutic purposes since the beginning of civilization. Ancient Egyptian, Indian, Greek and Arab physicians used leeches for a wide range of diseases starting from the conventional use for bleeding to systemic ailments, such as skin diseases, nervous system abnormalities, urinary and reproductive system problems, inflammation, and dental problems. Recently, extensive researches on leech saliva unveiled the presence of a variety of bioactive peptides and proteins involving antithrombin (hirudin, bufrudin), antiplatelet (calin, saratin), factor Xa inhibitors (lefaxin), antibacterial (theromacin, theromyzin) and others. Consequently, leech has made a comeback as a new remedy for many chronic and life-threatening abnormalities, such as cardiovascular problems, cancer, metastasis, and infectious diseases. In the 20th cent.

Hirudin is a naturally occurring peptide in the salivary glands of medicinal leeches (Hirudo medicinalis) that has a blood anticoagulant property and may also have cancer fighting properties.

A research published in the European Patent found that a synthetic hirudin injection could effectively inhibit the formation of various tumor cells, such as those in breast cancer, pulmonary carcinoma, bladder carcinoma, soft-tissue sarcoma, colorectal carcinoma, lymphoma and leukemia7.

According to a 2004 study, hirudin greatly inhibited tumor growth and also inhibited seeding into the blood and systematic organs.13. Leech therapy is now experiencing a resurgence as more and more people are using Hirudotherapy treatments. Leech bites are painless and their saliva encourages blood flow and prevents clotting. Research has shown that there are several healing substances in leech saliva including anticoagulants, blood thinners, vasodilators, anaesthetics and antibiotics.

Iranian leech therapy

In Iran Traditional medicine each nature, medicine and also any disease has its own temperament, therefore all stages of treatment must be based on temperament reform first. In Iranian traditional medicine leech is a valuable medicine and has temperament which should be used in consideration of the patient’s temperament.

What is emphasize in Iranian leech therapy is that first the patients should receive temperament correction and after that leech therapy will apply for more effective and accurate results. For example when a patients has a corrupt temperament we never use leech therapy due to in this situation leech therapy may lead to accumulation of corrupt temperament with pain and no effective results of treatment.Therefore Iranian leech therapy has pre correction and post correction along with treatment which is emphasized for getting effective and accurate results.

What should be consider is that in some diseases leech therapy is a main treatment and some other diseases is a complementary therapy, we have treated many incurable diseases with effective result and no side effects through our leech therapy methods. Each year we have more than thousands patients for leech therapy from across the country and also other countries who are satisfied with the results.Our motto is to give our clients and patients warranty of effective treatment and satisfaction.

 Some of our Effective leech therapy treatments:




Tear Duct Infection Treatment

قبل از درمان حین درمان بعد ازدرمان 1 بعد از درمان 2

Diabetic Foot Ulcers  Series Treatment

قبل از درمان 2 قبل از درمان 1 بعد ازدرمان 2 بعد از درمان 1


Alopecia Treatment


Acne and Skin Beauty Treatment


Improving Eye Vision Treatment


After Surgery Treatment

 belpharits treatment

Belpharitis Treatment


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